Imagine, if you will…

…standing in front of the most beautiful landscapes and seascapes of the Mediterranean Sea: Cinque Terre, Venice, Santorini.

Imagine taking in the colors, sounds, and perfumes of a sunset by the sea, with your camera on a tripod, while professional photographers advise you on how to take the picture of your dreams.

Imagine discussing the experiences and the photos of the day in front of a tasty, traditional dinner and a bottle of wine, after the sun has set, with your fellow students and your instructors.

This is what we offer you: a holistic experience that combines sightseeing, photography, and savouring the soul of a place through its culture, language, and cuisine. Experience unforgettable sights. And take it all home to relive again and again, in the stunning images we help you capture.

A glass of white wine at sunset in front of the sea

Here are the tours we have scheduled for the next months:

We can also organize weekend tours of Cinque Terre and other locations on request, for groups of two people or more. Contact us to check availability and prices.

What Can You Expect?

We will provide you with an all-inclusive experience that comprises:

  • Photo tuition by two established landscape and travel photographers with field experience.
  • Being part of a small group, ensuring you get the attention of the tutors.
  • Upscale accommodation in the best hotels.
  • Savouring the typical food and wines that a country has to offer.
  • Local transportation, using private vehicles whenever possible.
  • Evening post-processing and critique sessions.

Join us in Venice!

The Carnival of Venice awaits you in 2018

Join us on the Italian Riviera!

Camogli, Liguria, Italy

Join us in Greece!


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