How To Get Your Photos Into An Art Gallery

Getting your photos displayed at a gallery is an excellent way to put a spotlight on your hard work. Here are 7 of the best tips to getting your photos displayed at galleries.

Art Gallery

Pay For It

Find an art fair near your location, and submit your work simply hoping to get a booth. It may give you a chance to make some money selling prints, but you will, more importantly, get the opportunity to speak to people about your work and build up an interested audience.

Build Relationships

Building strong, lasting relationships is very important in any field because it is from networking that several people are able to secure a job. If you have solid relationships with other people in the industry who can vouch for your character and talent, you can make a much better bet at getting into a gallery. Try to attend gallery events to meet fellow art lovers and get the name out there.

Think Outside the Gallery

You don’t actually have to get your work exhibited in a gallery to get people to see it. Local restaurants, coffee shops, bars, hair salons, and other businesses are worth approaching to see if they might consider hanging your work on their walls. With the right context and the perfect amount of lighting, you can make your artwork pop in such locations. It is recommended to use lights from Banno Lighting to get the best results. They get free art for their walls, and in exchange, you get exposure.

Have Your Prints Ready to Go

By building solid relationships with galleries, you might be contacted for an opportunity to exhibit your work at any time. If you already have a set of images printed and ready to hang, it can make the process a lot more smoother and is more likely to happen.

Build a Strong Social Media Presence

Suggesting that art can only be sold the old fashioned way seems stupid, especially since we live when the internet is in full swing, meaning that your online presence is the first place people will most likely look to get a feel for your work. It is essential to make sure that all your social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Patreon etc.) are neatly laid out and feature your best work. Posting regularly shows that you are dedicated and really want the world to see your work.

Share Everywhere

Having a decent following on social media ensures publishers and galleries that your work will have a significant audience. It is also the perfect way to get discovered.

Define Your Vision

Make sure that your work is unique and is something that only you can make. This is one of the hardest things to do in photography, but defining your own vision and style is a very effective way to increase the likelihood that your work is noticed and appreciated.