Should You Sell Your Photographs In An Art Gallery or Online?

It is possible to understand whether selling your photos at an art gallery or online website is better by comparing their pros.

Pros in Selling To An Art Gallery

Promotes Your Talent

An Art Gallery usually always helps to promote any form of artwork, including photography. They have as much of an interest to sell your work as you do. This is why art galleries invest in things like art shows to try to get buyers to come in and look at your artwork. In order to continue to be in business, they need to sell your work to survive.

Know Buyers and Collectors

A good art gallery will always know which buyers buy what type of work, including photographs. They can reach out and discuss with them what your work represents and why they feel they should be buying it. Many artists forget that art galleries are in business, and as a business, they need to earn a profit to survive. If the work sells well, they will typically want to continue to sell it and promote their work.

Allow You To Concentrate Mainly On The Art

If you are associated with a good art gallery, it will allow you to concentrate mainly on your work. It is in the interest of the gallery that you produce the best selling products, and as a result, they will want to have more work to sell. This is why a lot of people in the art and photography world prefer to sell at galleries.

Pros In Selling Online

Expand Your Reach

When it comes to online sales of photographs, you can reach people in other states and even other countries. Additionally, you can get a completely different audience, who have a common taste with your work but also several other diverse interests as well. Buyers can find your work much more efficiently via a website, an image link or if you’ve put it up on a shopping site, the actual product.

Someone Else Does the Marketing

Selling your work on your own site requires a lot of hustle. You will need to promote your latest work on social media platforms, create a blog or run a newsletter to keep potential buyers interested in your work. Some online art galleries may have millions of dollars to invest in driving traffic to your website since they often represent thousands of other artists and photographers. However, a successful site can help introduce your work to interested buyers without you having to do anything.


Supplement Your Income

Making a living as an artist is never an easy task. Even certain veteran artists and photographers struggle to maintain a consistent income every month. Selling your work online can supplement your income. Commissions at online galleries are generally a lot lower than a brick and mortar gallery but if you are currently selling your work through galleries, be sure not to undersell them as it is vital to keep positive relationships with the ones helping you sell your work.