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This is what we do when we plan a trip.

As we will be in Prague at the beginning of April, we checked the phase of the moon and other astronomical phenomena that might be of interest. Having noticed that April 4 will be a full moon and knowing that the day before a full moon is generally the best time for shooting a moonrise, we started planning for a moonrise shot in the city.

A full moon in an empty sky by itself is not very interesting. It becomes so only when there is something pretty in the foreground. Browsing a map of Prague, we started looking for a good view towards east. It didn’t take long for us to realize that a shot along the historical Charles Bridge would be just about perfect and a check of the direction of moonrise, easily obtained on The Photographer’s Ephemeris website, confirmed that the moon would be appearing right atop the gate tower at the eastern end of the bridge right around sunset time on April 3.

Our traveling companions should be aware we do these sorts of things.

Being in Prague on April 3, only really bad weather could force us to not be there at that particular moment in time. Don’t try to bring us to a restaurant or back to the hotel or we might kill you (just kidding).

If the weather cooperates and everything goes according to plan, we should really be able to capture some good images.

If you come to one of our workshops, rest assured that we always do this kind of planning to give you the best opportunities for amazing shots.

P.S. Rumour has it that on September 28, just as we are doing our workshop in the Cyclades, there will be a total lunar eclipse. Imagine a red moon setting on the Aegean… hmmmm.

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