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Our latest workshop in Cinque Terre was an absolute blast! Despite it being November, the weather was gorgeous. We photographed, we hiked, we photographed, we dined, we photographed, we drank great wine and we photographed some more.

The highlight of the weekend was probably the evening we spent in Manarola. Due to the complete lack of clouds, the sunset was far from being memorable, so we decided to stay on the spot for the blue hour and beyond.

Just as we were getting ready to pack our gear and head to dinner, I decided to take a few more shots. There was no moon and, even if I couldn’t see many stars with the naked eye because of the bright lights of the town, I knew that my camera could see more than I could and that, with some judicious use of bracketing, I could capture both the stars and the foreground with enough detail in both areas.

I think the result speaks for itself! (Click on the image to see it large)

We ended the day with a spectacular dinner at Trattoria del Billy. Mixed seafood starters, tagliatelle with clams and bottarga, tiramisu and a bottle or two of Vermentino. Highly recommended!

We will soon be announcing the dates for the Spring 2016 tour of Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera. Click here for details.

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